Retail Petroleum

Retail Petroleum

Funnell Design has been closely involved with the UK oil industry for almost 50 years. We have maintained this long relationship because of our ability to adapt to the changing commercial climate and new legislation. As well as achieving the desired visual and practical result we need to understand and meet the requirements of all statutory bodies. We have been successful in maintaining this delicate balance for a wide range of retail petroleum installations.

We have completed PFS developments at Gatwick North and Gatwick South on sites leased from BAA as well as preparing feasibility studies at Belfast and Cardiff Airports.

We have acted as both Architect and Project Manager for a number of Oil Companies and Independent forecourt operators, in the design and construction of Petrol Filling Stations; these include Texaco, Shell, and BP and now a number of retail forecourt operators, namely Somerfield, the Cooperative), Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

We have also provided both project management and design services for Alphega, who were working on behalf of Chevron Texaco in Ireland and for both Somerfield and the Cooperative in the UK.

As petrol filling stations have changed from just supplying fuel to being convenience retail outlets our expertise has developed too. We now undertake a range of projects for this sector including:

  • Designing and building motorway service areas
  • Building retail outlets on-site
  • Installing in-store fast food outlets
  • Installing ATMs
  • Raising canopies
  • Installing car and jet washes
  • Installing new tanks and pumps
  • Site decommissioning