Motorway Services

Motorway & trunk road service areas

The design of motorway service areas has come a long way since the first ones were built on the M1. Motorists now demand a more attractive and spacious amenity building with a greater choice of food outlets and facilities. The building has to cater for a large number of people who want to get quick and easy access to the food serveries, shops and toilets.

These environments present a considerable design challenge; they must appear welcoming day and night and, as many of them are in rural areas, they must be sympathetically designed to blend with the landscape. The specification of materials is critically important because the building must satisfy two key requirements; they need to look attractive and good quality but also they be durable to stand up to heavy usage.

Funnell Design completed their first MSA refuelling facilities at M4 Membury and M3 Fleet Services. In 1992 we developed the then biggest MSA refuelling facilities at M5 Strensham (North).

For Extra we have been involved in the developments on the M1, M3, A1(M), A14, M20, M5 and M65. Most recently we have designed and project managed their TRSA developments in Leicester (A6/A46) and Derby (A38/A50) which both opened in the summer of 2008. These developments have included the construction of amenity buildings, petrol filing stations with both carwash and HGV facilities as well as hotels of varying capacity.

We have been involved in the development of the petrol filling stations elements of new MSA development at Beaconsfield (M40/J2), which opened in 2009 which then became the largest petrol filling station in the UK and in the autumn of 2012 we completed the development of the UK’s largest PFS on the M25 with 36 pumps, 141 nozzles and the capacity of serving 3,400 motorists a day.